General conditions


  1. General

1.1. These conditions are applicable to all overnight stays in Bruvik -Gamle Posthus in Lalm, community Vaga Oppland (Norway). In the future called as lessor.

1.2. Differences of these general conditions concern only and as far as these are emphatic agreed with the lessor and written and signed by both parties.

1.3. Checking in from 15.00 p.m and leaving at latest at 11.00 a.m.

1.4. Domestic animals (maximum 1 peace) are allowed if leashed. For prices check the internet-site.

  1. Realization of the rental-agreement B&B

2.1. The agreement will be done by using e-mail, fax or letter and is definite after confirming from the lessor.

2.2. Those who (on behalf of or in behalf of a group) enter into the agreement (the customer) is per capita responsible for all obligations which follows from the agreement.

  1. Payment

3.1. There is a possibility for paying with bank- visa and mastercard.

3.2. You can also transfer the payment by your bank-or giro-account before arrival. You can note this when you book the cabin. You will receive a confirmation with our (international) account-number.

  1. Price

4.1 The published price is inclusive gas, water, lighting and breakfast. For the prices we refer to our internet-site.

4.2 The published prices are based on the prices and conditions, as they were known at the time of setting these conditions.

4.3 The lessor has the right to change the price, if there is a reason for this increase by third parties f.i. taxes.

  1. Changes made by the client
  • Changes for the client will always been realized if that is possible.
  1. Cancellation

6.1. The client can only cancel the agreement by fax or mail or registered post. The day of our receipt is the cancellation-date.

We therefore recommend a travel- and cancellation-insurance.

  1. Cancellation or changes made by the lessor.

7.1. If circumstances or superior forces the lessor has to decide to cancel or change the reservation, the lessor is due to inform the client immediately.

  1. Superior forces
  • Superior forces are circumstances which make continuing the agreement impossible and it is not due to the lessor. F.i. hold-up with suppliers or other third parties of which the lessor is dependent of or common traffic-problems; orders or exceptional indications of the community which make it impossible for the lessor to do the job.
  • The lessor has also the right to refer to superior forces if the circumstances which observance of the agreement makes it impossible after the agreement has had to begin.
  • In time of superior forces all obligations of the lessor will be delayed. If the period of superior forces is longer than six months, both parties are authorized to cancel the agreement without a obligation for compensation.
  1. Responsibility for cracks, theft and other damage.
  • The client is always responsible for the total amount of the damage.
  • The lessor does not accept any responsibility for the costs of travel- or cancellation-insurances made by the client.
  • The lessor is not responsible for body-damage during the rental-period.
  1. End-cleaning

10.1 The cabin has to be broom-clean before departure.

10.2 If you establish any lack please inform us immediately.

You have to clean up your garbage, empty bottles etc.

  1. End-definition

11.1 We remind you to the fact that you do not live here alone and we hope that you will

be quiet from 23.00 o’clock.

11.2 A client who cause much trouble will be removed by the lessor. The agreement will   declared null and void and the rent will not be paid back.

11.3 Above information and prices are with reserve.

11.4 Consumption of alcohol is permitted. Smoking is not permitted inside or on the terrace.

11.5 In cases of difference between the client and the lessor, where no solution is been   found or will be found, these will be composed with the Norwegian rights by a judge.   The lessor will always be authorized to summon the client according to the                          Norwegian law.

11.6 On every agreement between the client and the lessor the Norwegian right is in order.

11.7 The lessor is entitled to change these conditions. These conditions are working at the time and day mentioned.

The lessor will the changed conditions immediately send to the client. If there is mentioned no time or date, the changes works from the moment they are mentioned to the client.

Lalm, 1. May 2016